Bologna as Unesco Creative City of Music

In 2006 Bologna became a UNESCO Creative City of Music: a prestigious acknowledgement celebrating its rich musical tradition and its lively musical scene.

Bologna was nominated Creative City of Music by UNESCO in 2006. 

This prestigious acknowledgement was undoubtedly obtained on the ground of the extremely rich music tradition of the city, boasting prominent music institutions such as the Teatro Comunale (the City Opera House), the Conservatorio, the University Department of Drama, Art and Music Studies (DAMS), the Accademia Filarmonica and the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della Musica (International Museum and Library of Music) 

Above all, though, the UNESCO title pays tribute to the lively and rich music production and wide range of music styles – such as the important seasons of classical and contemporary music, the live music clubs, the large spreading of jazz, rock, electronic music and hip-hop, a special eye on children’s songs, the presence of famous bands and singers-songwriters. 

All that has made up a unique music scene that over time has resulted in a highly qualified class of music professionals. 

Being part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN), however, is not an end in itself: it allows the city of Bologna to activate international exchanges, stimulate the growth of local music production through the confrontation with other cities, promote the local music sector and facilitate the widest access to the music art expression and to the most innovative culture phenomena. 

Here are both the application dossier submitted by the City to become a Unesco Creative City, the report 2006-2015 and the report 2016-2019 documenting the activities developed according the network's mission and future action plan as well.