27 settembre 2022, 21:00

Maxine + Mr Law

Parco della Montagnola, Via Irnerio, 2/3 - Bologna

Frida nel Parco 2022


Maxine (Club Anvil / Helsinki) post-punk / indie / synthpop / goth celebration of light + Mr Law (Sonic Belligeranza Bologna): dub/reggae/electronics. 

Maxine is the founder and co-host of the legendary Club Anvil, a post-punk / indie / synthpop / goth heaven in continuous operation since 2000 (making it the longest-running club night in the Nordic countries).  A monthly celebration of light, sound and music for creatures both heavenly and forsaken, Club Anvil is widely known for its welcoming atmosphere, a clientele crossing over scene boundaries, and DJs taking a packed dancefloor down unexplored paths.

Mr. Law: (Sonic Belligeranza/Bologna) is a dub-reggae passionate and DIY electronics fanatic. Vinyl collector, has spent more than twenty years in the italian sound system scene organizing events, selecting music an building sound effects machines.

Ore 21.

Info: +39 0510218143 - 3516780316 (solo whatsapp)

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