Bologna City of Music

In 2006 Bologna was appointed UNESCO Creative City of Music: a prestigious recognition that honours the city’s rich musical tradition and also the very lively contemporary scene.
In Bologna music is part of the city’s identity and is also the driving force behind the economic development of the local area.
Similarly, the blog of Bologna UNESCO City of Music is intended to be both “tale” and “tool” at the city’s disposal:

  • To facilitate the widest access to music expression and to the most innovative cultural phenomena.
  • To stimulate the growth of Bolognese creations through the exchange with the other member cities of the UNESCO network.
  • To offer local operators an international platform and to promote the music sector as a whole.

In Bologna, in line with the city’s glorious past, music plays an extraordinary role, thanks to the presence of leading institutions, such as the municipal opera house “Teatro Comunale”, the International Museum and Library of Music, the Conservatory dedicated to Padre Martini, the Music and Show Department of Bologna University, the Philharmonic Academy.
The UNESCO title to Bologna also acknowledges the city’s prevalent creative fabric as for music production and enjoyment, including many international festivals and a continuing cultural fruition. The powerful seasons of classical music, the events in the field of contemporary music, the jazz music played live in the pubs, the posters conceived for children, the presence of singer-songwriters and rock bands and much more. All that creates a unique music panorama.

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